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A Party for ALL Occasions

We are an Ohio based high energy, variety band that specialize in making your event fun and exciting for your guests. We love to Polka! Who doesn't love a great Oktoberfest?!?! We will provide hours of fun music you can dance to and sing along to the hits! Even our Chicken Dance has a few surprises. With our diverse musical background, we can play songs for any occasion. Oktoberfests, Weddings, Festivals, Fundraisers, St Patty's Day pub crawls (We go by the "Paddy Wanderers" for good reason!)- we have the perfect song lineup for you! We even take requests! Yes, even some Freebird if you ask nicely! Reasonable musician rates and can provide a great sound system (if needed).
Music Genres:
Polka, Waltz, Rock, Pop, Rock/Pop Polka, Irish, Cajun, Klezmer, Reggae, and more. 
English, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Bob Marley.

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