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For events where we supply sound

We have 4 powered speakers, a powered sub and sound mixing equipment. We also power a few instruments and lights (when applicable). This configuration requires access to typical 120 Volt outlets and about 10-20 amps. 

When you provide sound


We configure our monitor mixes, and will provide feeds for the Front-of-house (FOH) as follows

Splitter Feeds:

1) Dan Vocals

2) Dan Accordion

3) Vince Vocals

4) Jason Vocals

5) Jason Keyboard

6) Jason Guitar (acoustic, no amp)

7) Vince Kick

8) Vince Snare

9) Dan Guitar (electric no amp)

10) Vince Tom 1

11) Vince Tom 2


ALSO: Can you please provide one vocal quality microphone on a stand for clarinet for Dan. This can go exclusively to the FOH and does not need to be in our monitors.


Stage Setup:

Vince Drums: Center, slightly back. Will set up his own mics and provide feeds as above.


Jason: Guitar/Keys/Vocals: Forward, left or right. Will set up own mic and provide feeds as above.


Dan: Accordion/Guitar/Clarinet/Vocals: Mostly on accordion, with full wireless rig for vocals, accordion and in-ear-monitors. Ideally placed forward and closest to stage/audience access for strolling. Wireless road case antennas should have best possible line of sight for strolling.

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